Scotswood Family Drug Support Group was set up in the Scotswood area of Newcastle in 1997 as a result of local women’s concerns regarding the need in their community for support for parents and partners of alcohol and drug misusers.

Initially their intention was to set up their own peer support group which would help those affected to cope with the problems they were facing. Soon the group became confident enough to become active in addressing the issues surrounding drug and alcohol misuse, in particular the emotional, health and economic effect on carers.

Owing to the demand of families outside the Scotswood area, funding was released to the project which allowed it to be launched as a city-wide service in October 2002.

As its area of operation spread across the entire city of Newcastle, the Management Committee at the time decided it was more appropriate if the organisation’s name reflected that fact so it became Newcastle P.R.O.P.S - Positive Response to Overcoming Problems of Substance misuse.

Newcastle P.R.O.P.S provides such services as: one-to-one support, counselling, drug awareness training, a confidential out-of-hours helpline and, where appropriate, respite breaks in our own caravan.

In a relatively short space of time it has evolved from humble beginnings to a charity which is not only recognised locally and nationally, but was also a winner of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for Service to Local Communities in 2003, and our chair Val Clark, was recognised as a Local Hero in the Year of the Volunteer receiving her award in London from the Home Secretary.

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