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Supporting individuals, families & people from all communities and backgrounds across the North East.
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Call our helpline on 0191 226 3440
Support for parents, partners & families of alcohol and drug misusers.
Positive Response to Overcoming Problems of Substance misuse
Help, Support & Advice
for parents, partners, families and carers of drug and alcohol misusers.

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Working with and for families affected by the use of alcohol and other drugs

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Who We Are

We help families who are caring for or concerned about someone they love who misuses drugs or alcohol.

Founded in 1997, we have helped 1000’s of families across Newcastle and North Tyneside. 

If you are worried about someone you love and don’t know where to turn. 

You are not alone…

Call us on 0191 226 3440

What We Do

PROPS provides a wide range of support services such as: one-to-one support, counselling, drug awareness training, a confidential out-of-hours helpline, volunteer support and respite breaks.  Contact us to find out more.

How To Get Help

Please remember that you are not alone and we have a dedicated and friendly team here to help you if you are living with, or caring for someone misusing drugs or alcohol. Call our Helpline on 0191 226 3440 / 07791246049  We’re here for you.

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PROPS provide both individual and family support sessions. Types of support identified can present as emotional, practical, social, health-care, financial and/or legal difficulties and the family support worker works to empower groups through education and training opportunities to encourage confidence in addressing issues presented.

1-1 support offers the carer an assessment process in order to effectively respond to the aims and the objectives identified in the Care-Plan so that goals can be achieved by the carer through the support provided.


A support group provides a safe and comfortable environment in the company of others who are experiencing similar problems to your own.

Our support groups welcome parents, partners, families and carers of drug and alcohol misusers. We all recognise the hurt, pain, anger, fear and guilt each of us is going throughand we are therefore able to support one another in a supportive caring way.


The project provides and manages an out of the area respite facility Caravan accommodating eight family members, situated approximately twenty miles north of Newcastle. The short breaks, available on weekdays/weekends throughout April – October provides families and carers with an opportunity to unwind and enjoy the rare quality time spent together without the hustle, bustle and stress of their daily routine and chaotic lifestyle.

PROPS have also increased opportunities for families to access respite breaks through partnership working together with providers who offer specific services.


We work to support young people who are affected by the substance misuse of a family member and to ensure that their voices are recognised and heard.


Carers of drug & alcohol users have little or no opportunity to engage in positive life experiences that enhance their personal/professional development. We work proactively alongside Safe Newcastle’s Drug Support Unit’s Training & Development Officers, and other partners, to jointly participate in coordinating & delivering a range of health, education and training packages.

Sessions are delivered within the community and include a Family Support Worker to ensure equality in access is offered as well as appropriate levels of support. The courses are also designed to act as a stepping-stone for those in a transitional stage, who feel more able and confident to access further/higher education and training opportunities within mainstream services.


There are many training opportunities available to carers and family members or anyone interested in working with families, to increase their knowledge and skills in developing coping strategies to help them to deal with stressful situations and the difficult behaviour presented by an alcohol and/or drug user.

Volunteers are trained to facilitate support groups, offer 1-1 support work, deliver drugs awareness courses to community groups, chair meetings, use telephone helpline skills, as well as speaking at conferences to raise the profile of carers needs, fundraising, and administration tasks. Volunteers have committed over 2600 hours to the project within the last year and can specialise in whatever area of work they may wish to become involved with.

Call us 0191 226 3440 / 07791246049

Our lines are open 9am-9pm Monday-Sunday

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