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Support Groups

What is a Support Group?
A support group provides a safe and comfortable environment in the company of others who are experiencing similar problems to your own.

(Our support groups welcome parents, partners, families and carers of drug and alcohol misusers).

One group member said:

“We all recognise the hurt, pain, anger, fear and guilt each of us is going through and we are therefore able to support one another in a supportive caring way. Each one of our support group members have taken that first step in recognising that they also need information, help, support and a listening ear. All of us, despite our initial fears about coming into a group, have found the courage to come along to be with people who know what it is like to support, cope and live with a drug and alcohol misuser.

At our support groups, you will find a friendly, warm and supportive atmosphere where we often laugh and cry together as we learn to face the truth, accept and learn to cope in the best ways we can.

We offer different groups across our services open to all:

Peer Support Group

An informal group meeting for carers

CRAFT Group - (Community Reinforcement and Family Training)

An 8 week programme for carers/family members/friends).

You may not think it but you know your loved ones inside out. CRAFT teaches families how to use that knowledge to rebuild relationships, regain control over their own lives and on how to help your loved one on the road to recovery.

(CRAFT can also be offered individually where required)

CRAFT Maintenance

These popular sessions are open to all who have attended the initial CRAFT programme and are there to help families to continue to use the skills they developed in the course and to sustain change within their families.

Kinship Carers Group

For family members caring for a relatives children i.e. grandparents caring for their grandchildren as their parents are unable to due to their substance misuse issues.

Young Carers Groups

Sessions for young people to get involved in different activities and have their voices heard.

As well as group supports, we also offer the opportunity to undertake training which in the past has included training such as drug awareness, specialist first aid courses, assertiveness skills and our bespoke volunteers programme.

We also offer:

Telephone helpline – Open 9am until 9 pm 0191 226 3440 

Advocacy – Support to have your voice heard and to help through unfamiliar processes such as involvement with social services, mental health services, court services, prison.

Practical support – Signposting and referral process for practical issues such as welfare rights, housing and financial inclusion.

Partnership working – We will work together with others who are working to support you and your loved one to ensure the best possible care for all.

Call the PROPS helpline on 0191 226 3440

Our telephone helpline service is delivered by trained volunteers & operates from 5pm-9pm weekdays and 9am-9pm weekend.

Who We Are

PROPS – Positive Response to Overcoming Problems of Substance Misuse, is a North East based support service for individuals, families and carers of those living with alcohol and substance misuse.

What We Do

PROPS provides a wide range of support services such as: one-to-one support, counselling, drug awareness training, a confidential out-of-hours helpline, volunteer support and respite breaks.

How To Get Help

Please remember that you are not alone and we have a dedicated and friendly team here to help you if you are living with, or caring for someone misusing drugs or alcohol. Call our helpline on 0191 226 3440.